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Simply Slender Mini Body Wrap Kit (8 Treatments)


  • 16 ounces of Simply Slenders Slenderizing Cream
  • 6 High Quality Cotton Elastic Wraps
  • Slenderizing Sauna Suit
  • Body Measuring Tape
  • Inch Loss Chart
  • Illustrated Instruction Book

Simply Slender Mini Body Wrap Kit (8 Treatments)

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Detailed Information

The Mini Body Wrap Kit is a must have for those serious about losing inches.

With the Simply Slender Mini Body Wrap kit you will receive:

16 ounces of Simply Slenders Slenderizing Cream - The same Slenderizing Cream used in professional body wrap salons, formulated with clays, minerals and herbs; designed for maximum inch loss. The Slenderizing Cream is applied directly to the body before wrapping with cotton elastic bandages. read detailed instructions on body wrapping with Simply Slender Body Wraps.

6 High Quality Cotton Elastic Wraps - Incredible quality; designed to be used over and over, machine washable. The Cotton Elastic Wraps are applied over the Slenderizing Cream, to shape the body and force lymphatic fluids out during the body wrap process. When used properly and frequently the cotton Elastic Wraps can lift areas like the Buttocks and help to lift, shape and reduce inches.

Slenderizing Sauna Suit - The one piece Slenderizing Sauna Suit is worn to elevate body temperature; a must have to maximize inch loss during the body wrap process. Sold in one size xx-large, washable and fits most people. The Sauna suit is designed especially for the Simply Slender Body Wrapping Process. Worn while wrapped and if desired can be worn while in a warm bathtub or spa to maximize results. Suit is water tight.

Body Measuring Tape - Now how many weight loss products come with a scale? None! Simply Slender Body wraps promises inch loss, 6 to 20 inches per wrap. (see our Guarantee) With your Ultra Body Wrap kit you receive a Body Measuring Tape to measure your progress by measuring before and after the body wrapping process. When the Body Wrap is performed properly according to our instructions, you will lose inches through out your body, for example; if you wrap your stomach, waist , buttocks and thighs, and measure before the wrap you should expect to lose any where from a half and inch to several inches in your stomach, waist, buttocks and thighs, per wrap; so if you lost 1.5 inches on average in each area measured, you would have a total loss of 7.5 inches.

Inch Loss Chart - Charting your progress is a powerful way to see and reach your goal or target size. With the Ultra Body Wrap Kit you will receive a Inch Loss Chart to record your before and after measurements.

Illustrated Instruction Book - Step by step instructions, illustrated with photos, in paper back, show you exactly how to perform the Simply Slender Body Wrap.

The Simply Slender Body Wrap is designed for professional results and comes with every thing needed to perform salon quality body wraps in the privacy of your own home at a cost you can afford.

The Mini Body Wrap kit comes with 16 ounces of slenderizing Cream, enough to do 8 half body treatments, for example waist buttocks and thighs; * or 4 full body treatments head to toes. The other items in the Body Wrap Kit are reusable, the Slenderizing Cream can be purchased separately, as a refill, allowing many more uses at a reduced cost. Wrap yourself, wrap your friends, perform body wrap treatments and earn money, whatever your goal, we are here to help you! And as always, we appreciate the opportunity to have you as a customer. 

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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